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1. 她说:“所有监管机构都在考虑这么做,提高透明度始终是可喜的。但能否做到则是另一回事。监管机构谈论提高透明度并降低费用,但在立法方面没什么进展。”
2. 2016年肯达尔的总收入为1000万美元,而她在过去12个月里的总收入超过了她在2016年的全部收入的两倍,这也使她成为榜单上收入最高的模特。
3. Inspired by this, researchers and scientists have been working on areas where making things small may mean big results.
4. 10.《萤火虫》灵感来自葛底斯堡战役
5. More provinces are falling in situations where the pension fund cannot cover the expenditures. As one of six provinces with the problem last year, Heilongjiang's enterprises pension can only pay up to one month.
6. 本田已在美国召回了1000多万辆汽车,修复其安全气囊一项潜在的致命缺陷。这种气囊由日本供应商高田公司制造,其充气装置在发生车祸时会突然爆裂,溅出金属碎片伤及乘客。本田已确认有三起死亡和48起受伤事件与这一问题有关。


1. 住房市场能轻松适应利率上升吗?
2. It has now entered the top 20 for the first time.
3. 经理们在公司会管理等级制度上低于他们的人,但是优秀的经理也有方法管理他们的上级和代表团队的同事。很多时候这意味着有效的交流,管理期望和及时寻求帮助。
4. The emotions were far more visceral and less attractive.
5. retreat
6. 这张专辑等于是一次直截了当的暗示,提醒着我们,不论什么时候,只要霉女王想要,她就能拿回自己在流行音乐界的领先地位。


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2. China does not want to see a trade war between the US and China. That would not make our trade fairer and cause loss for the both sides.
3. 《琅琊榜》
4. 这个变化很大一部分原因是因为去年十月软件巨头Adobe公司发生了重大安全漏洞,致使数百万用户遭受影响。
5. Homing in on a brand that excels at making the kind of vehicle you’re looking for is an efficient way to focus your shopping and find the best car for you. The 2016 U.S. News Best Vehicle Brand awards recognize the best brands in four categories: Cars, SUVs, Trucks and Luxury.
6. 除此之外,它的设计者是92岁的黄永玉大师,一位著名的画家,使它成为了极具收藏价值的物品。


1. 美国就业市场笼罩着重重阴云──特别是遭遇增税、减支双重打击的可能性,即“财政悬崖”。[qh]
2. The country's film output ranks third in the global market and is expected to exceed 700 by the end of 2016. Sales of film rights to online video sites raked in 4 billion yuan (560 million U.S. dollars) in the same period.
3. 由于制度是在专制统治下制定的,那么反对派就会被迫反叛或者顺从。
4. 9.忠诚待人
5. 6. "How I Met Your Mother" (3.0 million)
6. Promote all-round economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress


1. You'd love to know the balance of forces that shape and move your ponytail, right? That's why Joseph Keller, Raymond Goldstein, Patrick Warren and Robin Ball received this igNOMINIOUS prize!
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3. Online peer-to-peer lending platforms have expanded rapidly in China, along with fraud cases.

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