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1. 美国在2014年的新增工作岗位被设定为300万个—这是自1999年以来最大的增加量。新增工作岗位的增加预计在2015年将会对得到持续,这将确保消费者支出得到持续的动力;同时汽油价格的下降也将为家庭支出节省额外的开支用以购买其他的商品和服务。详见:汽油价格在2014年下降美国将会节省140亿美元开支。
2. JM家庭企业公司:忠实员工奖励度假
3. 卓越雇主排名:61
4. 樟宜机场的三座航站楼配有两个24小时电影院免费放映最近上映的大片,一个露天游泳池和一个蝴蝶花园。
5. Length of program: 21 months
6. 中国几乎所有的黄金都用于满足国内需求,因为中国不允许企业出口黄金。


1. May the glow of New Year candle fill your heart with peace and pleasure and make your New Year bright.
2. Finding Dory releases on June 17, 2016.
3. 在全球,中国将会进一步进行并购和交易。在非洲,1百万中国人在努力获取自然资源。
4. China's box office sales have increased from 1 billion yuan to 40 billion yuan in the past decade as the industry has adopted more market-oriented reform measures.
5. 在《渴望生活》这张专辑的第一首歌《爱》中,拉娜·德雷唱着“过去的一切造就了今天的你,但未来由你决定”。
6. 8. 斯特吉尔·辛普森(Sturgill Simpson),《乡村音乐的大现代之声》(Matamodern Sound in Country Music),High Top Mountain。一支极为聪敏的乐队做出复古的改革:乡村乐中曾经发生过这样的事。但在斯特吉尔·辛普森突破性的第二张专辑中,他把这一点变成了可适应环境的标志,就建立在他那动人而通透的男中音之上。


1. 除非查尔斯-奥克利成功控诉纽约老板詹姆斯-多兰,尼克斯2016-17赛季唯一的亮点将是克里斯塔普斯-波尔津吉斯在全明星周末斩获技巧挑战赛冠军。
2. 普华永道的校园和学校雇佣主管安德鲁?巴杰里(Andrew Bargery)表示,Teach First的毕业生出类拔萃:“他们已经在专业环境下工作过,拥有专业成熟度,并擅长交际。”
3. Inside larger technology companies, female employees will be hoping for signs of change in pay and promotions — but will also be on guard, as a men’s rights backlash brews in some corners of Silicon Valley.
4. In year-on-year terms prices rose in 65 cities and fell in five.
5. He took out his textbooks and busied himself with his daily homework routine.
6. 7.Yes, John was with me last night. – Because that’s what friends do… we agree and ask questions later。


1. re再+friger冷+ator→冰箱
2. It was a confident, high-powered investment firm with credit lines at top financial institutions. It made big bets using borrowed money to buy assets and generate higher returns. But when the market for those assets went south, lenders demanded more collateral until the firm suddenly collapsed. Many frightened lenders clamped down on all borrowers, setting off an overall credit crunch.
3. 据该报告显示,苹果的品牌价值同比去年增长了5%,至1780亿美元,而谷歌的品牌价值同比增长了11%,至1330亿美元。
4. Losers: Knicks
5. 根据声明,通州新的行政中心将把基础设施升级和生态建设放在首位。北京市政府希望可以提高该地区的教育、医疗、文化事务与产业在内的公共服务发展。
6. The Thomson Reuters Top 100 global innovators program identifies innovators annually through an in-depth analysis based on a series of patent-related metrics that analyze what it means to be truly innovative.


1. Super Bowl
2. Philippa Langley, a member of the Richard III Society who coordinated and helped fund the search, said she hoped a new image would emerge of the king and "the two-dimensional character devised by the Tudors will be no more".
3. n. 辐射,放射线

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